Wood For Good

Every now and then, I sometimes envy others. I’ll see a nice new car, or a fancy big house,  and say to myself, “Why not me?”  Then common sense kicks me upside the head and reminds me of an  old saying, “With rice to eat, water to drink and my bended elbow for a pillow I have joy in the midst of these things.”

I am humbled and appreciative to the fact that I have more than rice and water. But then, others do not. So Wood Choppin’ Time is trying to do something to help those in need of more. Starting this December 2013 we are starting a movement called “Wood for Good”  We will be offering items for purchase on the website and 100% of the money received goes towards helping those across the nation who are underprivileged.

Some of the items for sale will be……..

Cooking utensils- Re-live the days of old cooking with  hand carved wooden spoons, spatulas, or butter knifes. Feel the warmth and comfort of the wood in your hands as you cook for your family or guests. Each one is uniquely different in size shape and wood types.(selection changes often, so item received may not be item seen in photo)

Cutting boards-  Scraps of wood that would have previously been used for kindling, are now reclaimed and transformed into useful cutting boards. Each one is uniquely different and varys in size, shape, and wood type. (selection changes often, so item received may not be item in photo)

Wood Choppin’ Time Projects- These are the actual projects built for the show and used in the episode. These are a “one of a kind” item and will not be reproduced. Each project will comes with a certificate of authenticity and signed by the Big Chopperoo and Safety Dan.

Products will change regularly and certain items once sold may not be reproduced so visit often to check out what’s for sale.

Once again, the best part is, 100% of the money goes towards helping those less fortunate.

The money from these items will be donated to GiveLocally.Net where we will sellect the  family in need of help. The donations will be made in Wood Choppin Time’s name so you will be able to see who was helped by the purchase of these items.

Bret, Dan and myself are trying to do our part to assist others, but we need your help. Together we ALL can make a change for someone who really needs a lending hand.So won’t you please join us in our “Wood for Good” effort.  It doesn’t take a big wallet to make a difference it only takes a big heart.

You can find all the items that are currently on sale for Wood For Good in the Wood Choppin’ Time Store.Click here to enter the Wood For Good Store.