Water-based Gel stains

The revolutionary uses of CrystaLac Water-based Gel stains by Kelsey Yongue

The past few years Gel-Stains have taken over the stain market, and it is no wonder why. The consistency helps to get even coverage more easily, as well as providing the ability to apply stains over veneer and existing finishes creating brand new possibilities!

Oil-based gel stains have been around for ages, but did you know that water-based gel stains are available? Not only is this convenient because it is compatible with other water-based products ,such as non-yellowing water-based topcoats (which is near impossible with oil), but it also dries faster with no odor to boot! 

It makes an easy fix to damaged surfaces, taking only minutes to apply with long lasting results.

Here is a great example of how this can be done: How to Restore a Messed Up Floor

The CrystaLac Company makes the only water-based gel stains on the market. They can be applied as seen here over a multi-colored damaged surface, or directly on raw wood. CrystaLac gel stains are designed to give you even coverage no matter how it is applied (sprayed or brushed) and adhere to any surface.

Not only do they provide beautiful natural wood colors, but they offer bright fun options that still show off the wood grain. My personal favorite is the Sapphire Blue as seen below:

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These were built and finished by Matt Nunley at MC Farms. I love how he created a new look by mixing the natural wood color with something fun.  You can also layer the colors to get a multi-dimensional look.

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The left photo was only two colors! Sapphire blue and pink. I put down the pink first with a foam brush, sanded it back with a block 220 sanding pad, and after it dried layered the Sapphire blue over it. The shiny sheen was the Super Premium gloss. The photo on the right was veneer rough sanded to create patches, and then I added a layer of light green stain over it. 

You can also achieve these looks with natural wood colors, but I really wanted to show off the creative opportunities these gel stains offer. 

Not only are there beautiful premade colors, but you can create your own using their pigment set and clear gel-stain base.  

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