True Position Tools

Having been a former remodeling contractor for many years, I can say I’ve installed my fair share of cabinets. The most time-consuming process of cabinet installation is getting all the doors and drawer fronts properly aligned. After spending so much time on that step the last thing I need to do is mis-drill a hole when mounting the handles or kobs.

True Position Tools has a wonderful cabinet hardware jig that allows a precise setting to mount the handles anywhere that is needed. Made in the USA, this tool is made of hardened aluminum the bushings are hardened steel and guaranteed for life. The tool is revisable so drilling holes for left and right doors which means to need to change or reset your settings. It comes with easy-to-read directions with nice full-color photos. And to top it all off, it comes in a nice rugged hard plastic tool case.

This jig built for speed and accuracy for the professional but also is virtually goof-proof for the amateur.

Chad Stanton 4-30-2021 Click here for more info on the True Position Tool Jig