The DOORS- alive in Switzerland

Lucerne Switzerland. This is a beautiful little town best known for having the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. Hundreds of thousands visit this cozy little town for the sites, shopping and food.

A stroll down the old cobble stone street gives you a sense of what it might have been like back in the day. I could imagine people riding their horse and cart to the town square. A cell phone to check the time is not needed for the local bell tower chimes out the time every 15 minutes. And it can be heard anywhere in town. Each building has beautifully scented flowers that drape each window as if an enchanted lady was wearing a formal dress. Off in the distant mountains are castles giving a sense of security knowing that the king was looking after his noble people.

Tourists from all over were busy snapping pictures of all of these sites trying to capture this experience in hopes of taking some of it home with them. Yet most of them seem to walk right by, or even right through what I thought was the most exquisite beauty there. The doors!

Each door at first glance seemed to look similar. White oak with a golden amber DSC04349resize250patina and weather worn. But each one had a unique carving and were very different. I felt as if each door was alive with his own personality. Each door was adorned with the attire that showcased the best look for that house or building.

Realizing that no door could be alive, it moved me to appreciate the skill and care the craftsman had. The hours of time put into each design, carving, and installation, not to mention the hundreds of hours learning the skills to create such a masterpiece. It was something of a true wonder.

Below are some pictures of the doors I experienced. And if you read this in hopes to have learned of a Jim Morrison sighting, I’m sorry to have disappointed you.  However, I can say that the beauty of each door probably would have wanted to make Jim Morrison sing. For me, I’d rather DANCE!!!!