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Pinnacle Measuring Tools

A few weeks ago I received a nice gift box from Woodcraft in my mailbox. As I eagerly opened the package, I couldn’t help but notice the prominent company name “Pinnacle” staring back at me. The jet black box that I was holding gave me a moment of anticipation and excitement wondering what was inside. 

As I unveiled the contents of the box, I found an array of intriguing items waiting inside. Among them, the one that caught my attention the most was the 3 1/2” Mini Carpenter Square. This little square had a special charm for me, as it bore a striking resemblance to the trusty six-inch speed square I frequently use in my workshop.

Unlike a traditional wooden try square, the carpenter square had a unique feature that I particularly admired: its arm met perfectly flush with the handle. This clever design allowed me to draw precise pencil lines along the arm while simultaneously making reference marks on the adjacent edge of my workpiece. 

A feature that a speed square has are marks on it for making other angles besides 45 degrees. But this feature is taken to another level on the Pinnacle Square. It has an alignment pin for precise setting of angle degrees 22.5, 30, 45, 60 and 67.5 making it goof-proof and effortless.  

What’s even better is its convenient size – it fits comfortably in my back pocket, making it a portable and handy tool to have on hand whenever I need it. 

To see a video click here. 

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The second Item in the box was the Pinnacle Imperial 6” Precision square. Made in the USA and formed from a solid piece of anodized aluminum. Anodizing is a process that creates a chemical reaction to the aluminum and creates a thick, durable layer on the surface of the aluminum. So besides the square being accurate and precise it has the anodized layer which makes the aluminum harder and also protects it from corrosion, scratches and wear. This square was made to be lightweight and list a lifetime. 

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The third item was the Pinnacle 6” Thumb Rule. This is a compact yet incredibly accurate ruler. Crafted from anodized aluminum, this ruler features a specialized profile that rests neatly on the edge of my workpiece. Its comfort grip profile makes it effortless to move and adjust as needed.

The ruler’s markings are laser-etched with 1/32” increments, providing me with a superior level of precision. With this tiny but powerful tool, I can achieve precise measurements with ease, ensuring my projects are executed with the utmost accuracy. While the 6″ ruler is indeed impressive, I personally believe that opting for the 12″ version would be a more suitable choice for my workshop.

Click here for the Pinnacle 6” Thumb Rule         Click here for the Pinnacle 12” Thumb Rule

The final items are just things to make me smile. A couple of stickers for my shop locker and a nice T-shirt to wear while spending a day in my shop creating my next work of art. Although these items weren’t necessary, they are a thoughtful and fun addition to brighten my day in my workshop.

Chad Stanton 7-30-2023- Owner of Stanton Fine Furniture