Pagoda End Table

Three seasons I did the video series, “I Can Do That” with Popular Woodworking. During that time I designed over 60 projects that can easily be built with simple carpentry tools, such as a circular saw, miter saw, and jigsaw. I have decided to make plans for these pieces of furniture for people to build and enjoy in their homes.

This project is the Pagoda End Table. The rails are attached to the legs with pocket screws. The top can either be face nailed to the rails or again pocket screws can go up through the rails into the top.

The dowels are what truly makes this piece unique. The 3/8″ dowels go thought the upper rail and through the lower shelf. If the dowel should ever break, simply remove the top, and the dowel can slide out and be replaced.

This table is easily built on a weekend and yet can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Click here for plans