Never Stop Learning

In this day and age, we have access to almost everything. If we choose to, we can watch new shows online or find old ones from the past. We can do all our shopping without even leaving our house. If it’s a topic we are looking for, with just a couple off words typed in the search bar, we can find countless blogs, articles, videos, etc in an instant.

But for some people, with this much information at once, anxiety can set in.

They can get overwhelmed and impatient. They want the answer to the question NOW. Trying to sort through the information can be frustrating. Some of it is nonsense. Some of it can be wrong. Some of it can be a sales pitch. But some of it, is exactly what they were looking for.

The best way to get answers to our questions is to slowly build up our own knowledge. By taking the time to read these articles you are slowly increasing your knowledge. Not every topic in the newsletter will pertain to the project you currently are working on. Yet, by reading them you will add to your knowledge and one day, you might come across a project or task, that will relate to it.  You won’t have to go looking for the answer, because you will already know it.

Woodworking is more than my job. It’s more than a hobby. It’s my CRAFT. I see myself as just a link in the long chain of woodworkers out there. A hundred years from now what will people think of the furniture being produced today? Particleboard, cam locks, pocket screws, MPF, and epoxy filled wood. Are these pieces deserving to be in a museum? I think not. So thank you, for taking the time to read, learn, and improve your woodworking skills. This gives me hope that one day our future civilizations will be able to find proof that quality woodworkers do exist in this day and age.

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Chad Stanton- Professional Furniture Maker