Monthly Motivator- Bob Hughes

My favorite part of each newsletter is getting a chance to hear from you, the readers. Everyone, no matter what skill level or experience an individual has, we all need encouragement. And hearing your story is what helps me stay motivated. This month I was able to ask Bob Hughes what got him started in woodworking, why he loves it, and what his future goals are. Here’s his story.

Started my addiction in the early 80’s with a freshman shop class. By the time I reached my senior year, I made a paneled roll top desk from cherry for a mothers day gift to my mom at a huge cost of .35 cents a BF all slabbed I had to mill it myself in 83 dollars. I will always cherish my High School shop teacher Mr. Lidback.

Flash forward to 12 years ago I reignited the passion by buying myself a jobsite table saw and an over-under jointer to start making furniture again in the backyard. In the last 3 years, I am now fortunate enough to have a small indoor shop with a larger selection of tools. I have been learning to use a lathe to make different craft items for gifts. I also donate items to different charities at no cost to them to sell or give away.

I love woodworking because I get to use my passion to make other people smile. I have a small tradition with friends gifting a bead board toy bench for their firstborn (made 3 now) I just got a picture of my friend’s girl still using it for 11 years now.
My future goal, now that I am older, is to share what I have learned. I even taught my dad to use a lathe to stay busy in his retirement days. For the last 4 yrs, I have worked at the Wood Craft store in New Hampshire. It’s rewarding to have conversations with people, either pro or novice, offer advice, and listen to other people’s experiences. 

I try to help people when they come to Woodcraft to understand you don’t have to have a shop to follow your dream of building something. I show my projects as examples of what I have done outdoors in the summer. I never gave up my love of woodworking.

I like how Bob started to learn about woodworking in high school, and even though some time went by, he was able to return to it again later in life. Bob not only enjoys making things for himself but he also encourages others by teaching or helping them as much as he can. But the best part is Bob donates his time and project to others. Maybe that kind gesture will be the spark in someone new and get them started on this wonderful craft of woodworking. Thank you, Bob, for all that you do in the community.

Chad Stanton – 10-30-2022

Bob in his humble workshop
A mother day’s gift Bob made in 1983 and still in use today