Keeping with Tradition

I don’t like change. I typically have a method or system that I like to stick with it. However, with that being said, I do like to learn to read and educate myself. So why then is it so hard for me to change my traditional ways when I learn something new is actually better?

This is the case with stains and finishes. 

I grew up watching Norm Abram from The Yankee Workshop. He seemed to put oil-based poly on everything. I thought that was all you ever needed. Then when I entered the professional world of woodworking I was introduced to pre-catalyzed lacquer and the beauty and simplicity of that. (Ignoring the harmful effects to one’s health) Then going to WW clubs I was told a variety of methods such as danish oil, shellac, varnish, and more.

I would hear people say, over and over, if it was good enough for our forefathers it’s good enough for me. It’s tried and true. Nothing today is better.

I find this interesting. A woodworker can adapt to new technology in tools. The table saw replaced the sawpit. The track saw is replacing the table saw. The Festool domino is replacing a hand-cut mortise and tenon. But it seems to be different with finishes. 

But is that true? Are the old finishes better? Doing some research I found there are old methods for a finish that most of us have never heard of. Anime, Copal, Dammar, Elemi, Sandarac, and others. So what happened to those methods and products? If the old ways are so good why aren’t people using it now?

The answer is science. With technology, advanced techniques have discovered better ingredients and products. The types of finishes today have evolved. Just as they did in the past.

It seems to go against the things I have heard said. I was told, oil products are stronger than waterbased products. And higher gloss sheens give better protection. These theories might have been true at one time. But technology is advancing. 

Today’s laboratories can prove water-based finishes are advancing better than the old methods of oil-based products. CrystaLac has been on the cutting edge, researching, and developing stains and topcoats for 40 years.

CrystaLac products are water-based so they clean up easy, dry hard and fast, and are safe to you and the environment. Plus it has a five-year shelf life even after opening. Our forefathers could never have said that about their products.

So check out the wide variety of products CrystaLac offers. Made in America using American products and providing great customer service. Doesn’t your woodworking deserve the best?

Chad Stanton- Owner of Stanton Fine Furniture