Giving Up!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I’ve been doing this for years now, but I think it was time for me to stop. It’s been nothing but a constant struggle and I’m tired of it. I gave it my best shot, but I just wasn’t good enough. So finally it was time to give up.

IMG 3602resize500 I’m talking about a Mulberry tree growing in my neighbor’s yard. It was technically theirs but it was pushing on my fence. The neighbor didn’t seem to care what the roots would do to their garage, but I didn’t want my fence ruined. It seemed no matter how much i would cut and dig, this tree kept coming back. Finally I thought, “It’s their tree, they can deal with it!” So I gave up.

As time went on the tree grew and brought more problems than just damaging my fence. This is not a favored tree by many. Some would compare it to a weed. Research on the web says that the tree can grow 12 feet in 6 years. Well this tree must take steroids, because in 6 years it is over 30 feet tall! Within a few years this  tree has grown taller than my house. It can live anywhere from 25-75 years depending on care and cultural conditions. A mulberry tree can grown up to 80 feet in height. Besides growing fast, it  yields berries.  When the berries are ripe they fall and can stain everything. So forget about feeling the grass between your toes, unless you want extra toe jam. 🙂 However, the birds, they love it! Who wouldn’t love a tasty treat anytime you want? But they also love crapping all over my van. So why did I stop the fight? Well, this tree yields much more than berries and frustration. It produces LIFE!
IMG 3466
Since I have given up my quest to rid this yard of the constant trouble, my anger has been replaced by pure joy. With the tree being fully matured it has produced more than just fruit. I have a wide range of birds that now live in it. Robins, Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Sparrows. I have watched Robins build a nest in it. And have watched those baby birds grow up. The Sparrows all hangout like a club. They fly off all together and then reconvened back in the Mulberry Tree. The rich bright red of a Cardinal against the lush green of the leaves cause me to stop dead in my tracks and stand in awe of the beauty.

The tree produces a lot of shade for me in the summer time. It almost can make a hot summer day a pleasant one. The rabbits have noticed this too, and they frequently visit the yard under the canopy of the mulberry tree. Close by the rabbits are chipmunks who scurry around the base. I imagine the canopy gives good coverage from the neighborhood hawk that circles high above.

Chip and MeMy good friend, Chip, lives there too. Chip is my squirrel friend who visits me on a regular basis. Of course he brings friends, but his friends rarely leave the tree. However, Chip is very comfortable visiting the shop.

As for the berries, I pick them and make smoothies from it. It’s a great way to start the morning off with a glass full of vitamins. I also read that you can make tea from the leaves. Something nice when the cool autumn air comes around.

IMG 0382resize700Because the tree grows so fast, it does require frequent trimming. But even the branches can go to good use. I’ve made furniture with them. It is some of the most challenging yet IMG 3603resize500enjoyable furniture to make. I have to use only the shape that nature produced and then figure out how it can be used to form the piece of furniture I desire.

So all in all, giving up sometimes can produce more good than bad. Oh and my fence, well just just say it’s a good reminder for me. No matter what our living conditions are….. No matter who is trying to hold us back or cut us down…. If you are determined to grow, you can get through anything. And sometimes even win over the same ones who were once against you.

Go dance now people![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]