Biggest Build to Date

Mitch Peacock, designer woodworker, and YouTuber has a bigger build than usual coming soon

Have you ever had a desire to build a shelter? I feel the urge is within most of us, and it’s time for me to feed my need once again.

I started publishing on YouTube nearly a decade ago, from the second small workshop that I built. From the very first video up until today, I have planned and edited each video in either the bedroom or the living room; not always popular with the wife. With over nine hundred videos in the can, I feel it’s about time that I create a purpose-built studio. It seems only fitting that since all my videos have been either woodworking tutorials, furniture or other small builds, or video tips for the woodworker, that building this studio should form the basis of a new series where I build at a larger scale.

The garden studio build, or whatever I finally end up titling it, will encompass the design through to fitting out of a stand-alone studio/office, situated in a small corner of the garden.

Space really is restricted, and almost triangular, making for some interesting design challenges and no doubt complex joinery in places. Strict local planning regulations will also have to be considered, as will the possible impact on my neighbours.

My hope is to include a range of structural timber frame joints, door and window construction, roof framing, flooring, and trim fitting, all thoroughly covered in the series of videos.

Now all buildings come at a financial cost, never more so than at this time of record material prices, and with this studio being solely to aid future YouTube projects it has to fund itself. Over the years my YouTube channel has little more than “licked its face” in terms of returns from advertising, however a small and loyal bunch of Patreon supporters have helped me raise enough to make the project viable. I’m hoping that news of the studio project, both before and during, will help build Patreon support and viewer numbers, which in turn will allow me to specify the most appropriate timbers and other materials to make this a truly special build, for both my viewers and myself. 

So when will all this start? I’ve just shared the idea with my regular viewers in this update video, and I plan to post an initial groundwork video in October. Design and further groundwork will take place over the winter, and construction should start in the spring of 2023.
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Mitch Peacock- 9-28-2022