Diversify or Specialize

For years, the question that has challenged me is whether a woodworker should focus on specialization in one area or strive to be diverse enough to handle a wide range of projects.

Why You Need Geometry

I was always good at math in school. It was the one class I knew I could get a good grade in besides shop class.  But I never saw how it could apply to my life or my job. I knew I was never going to be a scientist or an accountant, so who needs […]

Making a Mark

Woodworkers frequently utilize marking gauges as a standard tool to achieve precise markings on the wood, aiding in the planning and layout of their projects. But when you go to the store you will see several different types, so which one will you need? Depending on your situation, it might be all of them. All […]

Is this the End of Creativity?

Whenever someone new comes into my house they are always impressed with the unique pieces of furniture I have designed and made. Of course, I am thankful for the compliment and I would love to take full credit for each of the pieces. But the truth is I can’t say that I completely designed it […]

History of the Modern-Day Chair

The chair. It seems like such a common piece of furniture we take it for granted because we see them everywhere. They are at the office, at the theater, in a restaurant, and in our living room. We see it so much that we hardly even give a second thought about them. Not only do […]

Money with Repairs

When we talk about woodworking there are many areas within the realm of it that an individual can specialize in. Someone might choose carving, turning, marquetry, or any dozen areas to develop one’s skills. But just like all the different avenues there are to learn woodworking, there are just as many ways to earn money […]

New Tools. New Way of Working

Earlier this year, I made the decision to get a laser engraver after considering it for some time. Although I didn’t necessarily have a pressing need for one, I believed it could broaden the range of services and capabilities my shop could offer. Initially, I had reservations about purchasing a laser engraver due to my […]

Keeping up with the Jones

I remember being told as a kid that I shouldn’t try to compete with owning the latest and greatest items in the world or to impress people with social status or personal achievements. Trying to impress others with the things I own is not a way to gain true respect amongst my peers. But as […]

Breaking Up

It doesn’t matter who you are, it will happen to all of us. We can spend so much time invested into it and then it happens, the break-up. Maybe it has happened to you and you learned from it. Maybe you are going through it now, or maybe your ‘break up’ is yet to come, […]

Is AI coming for you?

I once read in a book, “If your business doesn’t keep up with technology, technology will put you out of business.” At one time this made a lot of sense to me. I grew up in a time when typewriters were used in the office. The word processor was something feared at first. But it […]

New Year New Beginnings

I’m one of those guys who writes out my new years goals. I don’t say resolutions because that is a firm act of choosing to do or not do something and I want to be flexible and make changes or adjustments to my goals. For me, writing out goals is a way to clarify my […]