Standard Rule Co

One of the things I like to do is visit garage sales and antique stores. Recently I was at an antique mall and a transitional smoothing hand plane immediately caught my eye. I found it interesting for two reasons. One, i noticed the front knob (handle) on it. I have seen knobs or handles before […]

Evolution or Creation

 It’s an age old question. Which is correct, creation or evolution? Huge and lengthy discussions, even arguments have be raised over the meer subject. Sides have been taken and fights have took place over it. Few people can say they believe in both. A side must be chosen. Wait a minute. Maybe I need to be […]

McDonald’s changed everything.

When I reminisce about my childhood, McDonald’s has a warm spot in my heart. As a kid we didn’t have a lot of money so it was a rare treat to go to McDonald’s. Our McDonald’s destination was the one at N. Summit St. in Point Place Ohio. It was a time before they had […]

Add Storytelling to your Woodworking

When I travel I like to visit local antique shops of that area. If I buy something, I feel like I am taking that item on a new journey in it’s life. But why is it almost every antique has a story behind it? Usually most people when they decide to buy something they want […]

2 x 12 Stool

Making a 3 legged stool is not only a fun project but it will give you the very basics into a craft that is a true art form, chair making. This project is made from a simple 2 x 12 board that can be picked up at any big box store or lumber yard. This […]

Favorite Woodworking Books

Over 20 years ago I wanted to increase my knowledge in woodworking. I was a carpenter, but felt the need to enhance my skill level. Now we did have the internet back then, but the more reliable information was in books. And where better to find books, than the library. The library near me had […]

What is fine furniture?

What is “fine” furniture? If you type that sentence in google, you will find a list of furniture dealers wanting to sell you expensive pieces but no definition. So does that mean expensive furniture is fine furniture? Maybe it’s expensive because the designer or craftsman has a reputation in the fashion world. If that’s the […]

Hardest thing to do in Woodworking

In almost 20 years of woodworking I still have trouble mastering this woodworking problem. It has become the most complex thing ever done in furniture making. I’m sure you might be thinking dovetails, staining, or even furniture design. But for me, none of these are a problem compared to pricing my work. Even with all […]