Air Dried or Kiln Dried Lumber. Which is Better?

As a woodworker, this is a question you will encounter more that one time in your shop. It’s an important question because it deals with the moisture content of the wood. The moisture content of wood has to do with the amount the wood will move, shrink or expand. To not understand wood movement can […]

Making a Living as an Online Woodworker

Anyone who works has heard the expression, “It’s all about the numbers.” The number of sales, the number of orders, the number of customers, the number of growth. As a fulltime furniture maker, these are issues I have to concern myself with. Making furniture designs for my local.customers and staying in their budget is key […]

Never Stop Learning

In this day and age, we have access to almost everything. If we choose to, we can watch new shows online or find old ones from the past. We can do all our shopping without even leaving our house. If it’s a topic we are looking for, with just a couple off words typed in […]

Sawdust plugs the wood pores – Myth Debunked!

“Sanding at a very high grit will plug the pores of the wood, not allowing stain to be absorbed.” If you never have heard this statement before then surely you have experienced it. You finish building your project and you are doing the sanding. You want that extra smooth touch and feel to be as […]

Should You Own It? -Trend 7” Angle Gauge model U*DAR/200

I’ve been doing woodworking and trim for 21 years now. In that time I have accumulated most of the tools I’ll ever need in this field. When it comes to doing trim and finding the angles, for years I have been using an antique bevel and a 99 cent protector. But over a decade ago, […]

Cannon Barrel Legs- Period Furniture with Dennis Laney

In a previous article, I mentioned that Dennis Laney, a highly skilled craftsman of over 60 years, has decided to take me under his wing and pass on the knowledge of building high end furniture pieces. This article, and the ones to follow, will document my journey. Click here for previous article The first piece […]

Getting the BEST results from Sanding.

For woodworkers, creating something out of wood is more than a hobby, it’s a passion. The process begins as raw, rough lumber. The woodworker shapes it into a beautiful finished piece that is inviting to touch. The whole process is something between geometrical and magical. But the one step in the process that nearly every […]

Period Pieces with Dennis Laney

The thing I love most about woodworking is the fact there is always something to learn. There are many way to attain woodworking knowledge  such as; books, videos, and newsletters. But also a great source of learning is being around someone in your field that knows more than you. For me, that person is my […]

Secrets of the Interlocking Half Lap Dovetail

Recently I needed to build a workbench for my shop. Actually, I needed two for my shop. I decided this was a good opportunity for teaching a beginner how to make a simple workbench out of some 2×4 and 4×4. Watch Beginner Woodworking Bench Video Here I also wanted to push my own limits and […]

Beginner’s Woodworking Bench

Before downloading the plans READ THIS ARTICLE If you saw my, “Top 10 Essential Woodworking Tools” video then you know the workbench is a requirement for doing woodworking projects. (click here for video) Your bench will be your most used tool. However, before you start making YOUR bench there are some requirements and specifications you […]

Top 10 Tools Under $100 (Honorable Mentions)

For over 20 years I have been working in the trades and as a professional furniture maker. During that time i have acquired a lot of tools. And having the right tool for the job really does make a difference. However, I thought about the beginner just starting out. “What tools would he/she need to […]

Climate & Finishing : Basic Tips in Hot and Cold Weather

Not all of us have the benefit of a temperature-controlled shop. Winter is here and more cold temperatures are on the way, and before we know it summer will arrive, and we will be fighting heat waves instead. There are so many different finishes out there, and each have a different technique that works best […]