New Tool for an Old Technique

The other day a packaged arrived at my shop. Inside was a new tool that could prove to be a game-changer in woodworking. Now any reasonable woodworker would be thrilled to get a new tool to use in their shop. But in this case, I am almost dreading this one. Before I explain what’s in […]

Getting Better

In my town, “getting better” is the topic everyone is talking about lately. COVID 19 patients are recovering. Stores are slowly opening.  And grocery stores are replenishing their shelves. People are slowly seeing signs of improvement. But that is not the topic I’m referring to today. I’m talking about getting better at woodworking. People always […]

Keeping with Tradition

I don’t like change. I typically have a method or system that I like to stick with it. However, with that being said, I do like to learn to read and educate myself. So why then is it so hard for me to change my traditional ways when I learn something new is actually better? […]

Selling your Furniture- A Small step that equals BIG results

For the last 22 years, I make a living as a furniture maker and I’m going to share with you a tip that really helps me sell my furniture to a potential new customer. Now let me start off by saying that this is not an online technique or strategy. It’s also not for selling […]

New Life to a Tired Finish

By David Shepherd Most all of us that has made the trip to the local hardware store to get the supplies we think we need to try and breathe some new life into that tired piece of furniture, or the kitchen cabinets. In most cases, it is always a dreaded job. All the sanding, stripping, […]

Leaving Your Mark

As woodworkers it’s often said, it’s important to leave our mark on what we create. Scott Phillips of the American Woodshop is a big advocate of telling people to sign their work. It makes sense. We are creating a thing that will last a lifetime, if not multiple lifetimes. So we should be signing our […]

Setting Goals in Woodworking

New year resolutions. It’s stated that 89% of people who set a new year resolution fail in keeping it. In fact, most people fail within the first 12 days. It’s probably why most folks tell me, they don’t even bother to make goals. I too, in the past, have fallen victim to setting goals and […]

Being in the Woodworking Spotlight!

I think it’s fair to say we all like a little bit of attention. We post pictures on Facebook or Instagram and we enjoy getting “likes” or “thumbs up.” It makes us feel good. It makes us feel as if we are noticed by others and they pay attention to us. But can it cross […]