Are They Educated?

Before I get into my topic I want to thank all of you for subscribing to this newsletter. It proves this wonderful trade of woodworking we all enjoy is not a dying craft. I also want to thank the contributors to this newsletter. Each month they freely give us content to continually learn and improve. […]

The Cost of Doing Business

 I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone that the past couple of years have been strange. Normally, for me, business is steady during spring and summer. It gets busier in the fall just before the holidays. Then the day after Christmas, work seems to stop until springtime. This has been the trend for years […]

Toledo Award Program

I live in Toledo Ohio and have been building custom furniture for my clients for almost 25 years. I don’t do any advertising and I don’t have a store. I just have my shop behind my house and I use my living room as my showroom. I like the size of my company. It’s simple, […]

Make Your Woodworking Meaningful

Walk into any antique store and the caretaker will have a story behind each item in there. Some of the stories might be real, while others might be a mix of legends or folklore tales. The caretaker is not intentionally lying, but it is a useful sales tactic. The reason is, the stories behind each […]

The Correct Table Saw Blade

What is the best type of table saw blade I should own? This is a common question I am asked fairly often. However, I can’t really answer that. It’s not because I don’t have knowledge on the topic, but rather because that is not an easy answer.  Before the answer to that question can be […]

Wood Grain Filler: What is it? Why use it? by Kelsey Yongue

Wood Grain Filler (WGF) fills the pores in the wood to give you the smoothest surface possible.  It is used to fill pock marks (small hollows on the surface in the wood) and help cover up those minor imperfections. Now, I want to start by clarifying that wood grain filler is NOT wood filler. Wood grain […]

Measuring With a Yardstick

Growing up in my generation, a yardstick was something that everyone had in their house. But in my experience, it was hardly ever used. Now for those reading this and are unfamiliar with a yardstick, it is a unit of measurement that is 3 feet, or approximately 1 meter, in length.  Yardsticks could be found […]

Drawer Locking Bit

If you enjoy making furniture, you are going to at some point have to make drawers. Drawers are undoubtedly useful and serve a purpose. Of course, their main and only function is to hold items. But the size and weight of those items can be a mystery as to what the owner will place in […]