Tools of the Trade

Alright, you’ve decided to take up woodworking and now it is time to decide what area of the craft you want to explore. Perhaps you like smaller crafts, cutting boards, serving trays, picture frames etc…. Or maybe you want to venture into furniture building like tables, chairs, nightstands etc… all good builds and so many […]

Monthly Motivator- Keith Mealy

Each month I make a newsletter to try to keep every reader motivated and pursuing the art of woodworking. But sometimes I need motivation too. This is where you have been able to help me. This month I want to share with you Keith Mealy’s story of why he does woodworking and how he got […]

Why Use Handtools

 I feel I learned woodworking the wrong way. I was first introduced to woodworking in shop class in the 7th grade. We spent the first few months learning drafting and we had to draw things exactly. I hated it. I wasn’t very good. But then finally we got into the shop. It was amazing to […]