Finding an Untapped Market

Next year will mark 25 years of being employed for myself. When I first wanted to be self-employed people made it sound easy. I was told, that to have a successful business you just need to follow this formula.  “Offer a service or product that most people want, and have little or no competition for […]

Monthly Motivator- Scott Brader

Everyone has their own reason for getting into woodworking. Some enjoy the creative aspect of making something from nothing. Some see it as an opportunity to make some money in a small business. And others might just like the idea of having a small shop to go hide out in. But for Scott Brader, he […]

I’m Gonna Start a Woodworking Business

“ I’m gonna start a woodworking business “Chances are if you are reading this article you may have thought or even said that phrase It’ssuper exciting, and if you have tried then some of these next topics may sound familiar. If you arelooking to say that phrase, then maybe there will be some topics to […]