Our modern day and age of electricity is so amazing that we really take it for granted. It’s so common to have electricity that even when most of us go camping, the campgrounds offer WiFi and electrical hookups for our tv’s, microwaves and cell phones . But now imagine it’s 1863. The Civil War is […]

Shaker Candle Box

Back in colonial days, if you were a guest visiting someone’s house you might see a box similar to this one. It was reserved for the special candles made of beeswax or bayberry. These candle were bright and had a pleasant odor. Unlike todays paraffin wax candles, the common everyday candle in pre-electric days were […]

Rustic Furniture

At one time, i was never a fan of rustic style furniture. The image conjured up large clunky, bulky uncomfortable chairs, garnished with deer antlers and bear faces adorning the room. At first glance, it would appear that this style was simple to make. I had the impression anyone who made rustic furniture was impatient, […]

17th Century Oak Stool

The 17th century oak stool is a great transitional woodworking project to step up your woodworking skills. In times of old chairs showed power and social status. People of power had chairs with carved arms and legs. Backs and seats with comfortable cushions for the royalty to relax in, while the common folk sat on […]


For a recent job, I had to duplicate a couple of small cabinet doors. The style is no longer available to purchase. The stiles and rails were going to be easy to reproduce. It was the center panel I was concerned about. ‘I cut the sample door apart and removed the panel. I didn’t have […]